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Darkmage (Windrose Chronicles, #1-2) Barbara Hambly

Darkmage (Windrose Chronicles, #1-2)

Barbara Hambly

Published 1988
533 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I remember this as something out of the ordinary as far as fantasy books go. A woman from later 20th century California travels through a void into a fantasy world much like late 17th or 18th century Europe in which magic exists but which has come to be viewed as a slightly old-fashioned curiosity since the defeat of evil dark villain wizard approximately twenty to thirty years previously.Readers of fantasy books will not be surprised to learn that the evil dark villain wizard is still on the scene and has evil dark villainous plans for further evil dark wizarding villany. These involve computers, damaging the fabric of space-time and for light relief backing the younger brother against his elder brother the highly sprung Crown Prince and regent for their incapacitated father.The religion and society of this world are a treat, a well deserved rest for the reader weary of mock-medieval or semi-dark age settings with a properly organised church, regular services and something like an inquisition and church prisons, this helps suggest a well rounded and functional setting. Some recognizably human female characters too. Good fun.