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Boys Only, No Girls Allowed Dean Snelling

Boys Only, No Girls Allowed

Dean Snelling

Kindle Edition
54 pages
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 About the Book 

Grandma and Grandpa moved to America from far away Switzerland in 1907. Their home always seemed to keep a bit of the homeland alive. The ticking of a clock, the good smells from Grandmas kitchen, and their strange accent that everyone loved so dearly, were ever present reminders of their heritage. Set in the 1950s, Boys Only, No Girls Allowed, is a collection of delightful tales reminiscing the adventures of their Grandchildren, who loved to spend hours playing at their home in rural Ohio where a simple childhood, with little or no television, mothers who stayed at home, and extended families doing things together was the rule and not the exception.Each chapter revolves around a comical adventure full of surprises and mischief that will keep you chuckling, but in the end will somehow miraculously finish with a valuable lesson. Unselfish love, family values, and the security and peace that come from a loving extended family are all a part of the adventure.ENJOY !