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White Christian Domination When Will It End Ray W House

White Christian Domination When Will It End

Ray W House

Published March 15th 2014
ISBN : 9781497388444
304 pages
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 About the Book 

This book gives chronological description of major historical events in history of the white race dominating civilizations from the ancient time of Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire to todays British Empire and the United States Empire. It discusses the illogical and aggressiveness of the three Ibrahimic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, also the making of Christianity by the Europeans not Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. The first major religion wars were the Christians sailing to the Levant to kill the Muslims in the 11th century. In the 15th century and after the Europeans kicked the Muslims out of Spain, the European sailed to sub-Sahara Africa and started the Transatlantic slave trade. The organize European occupied the whole continent of Africa- they controlled the land, changes laws, customs and made life miserable for the native people. Nature was not exempt from the destructive actions, policies and ignorant thinking of the conquering white race. The 20th century and the fight to decolonization the world from the white man grip. Science have improved the material world also the white race have more sophisticated weapons, therefore, more Muslims and indigenous killings. In America the white dominating Christians have taken all of the red-mans land, the blacks who came from Africa after slavery, Jim Crow, acculturation, assimilation and Christianization they are the most indoctrinated people on the face of the earth. Also information and some history about the Aborigines, United Nations, Nature, the 60s and issues of today.