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Inside Out Amelia Heffner

Inside Out

Amelia Heffner

Published June 28th 2004
ISBN : 9781413725773
59 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

It never was that simple for Lavelle L. Horne (Velvet) to express himself. When sad, he used to curl up under the covers waiting for the anger and tears to be no more. Now being a bit wiser, he looks to be open, honest, and apologize for any wrong doings. It was also very similar for co-author Amelia Heffner. While growing up, she was afraid to speak up for herself. Amelia feared that saying the wrong thing at the wrong time would cause whoever it may be to act in rage. Fighting battle after battle, Lavelle realized that his tears wouldnat just dry up and go away and the anger wouldnat just take a chill pill because of his decision to curl up beneath the covers. Furthermore, Amelia came to realize that a closed mouth wonat get fed.