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Bottoms Up (Girlfriends Goddesses & Barflies Series Book 2) T.L. Alexander

Bottoms Up (Girlfriends Goddesses & Barflies Series Book 2)

T.L. Alexander

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 About the Book 

Hey, girlfriends and guyfriends…So…what about me? Well…I live in the good old USA, the Pacific Northwest, to be more specific. Everything here is green and soggy, but it’s grown on me like…moss and slugs.I love to read and write. I read mostly romance, but I love a good mystery or biography. I love to laugh myself to pee-my-pants, and do so whenever possible ( own lots of undies). I possess a very imaginative way with words (potty-mouth), and I can’t get enough of DIY words…linguistatard, gaywadest…the list is never ending.When not writing or reading, I’m driving my family friggin ass-crazy. And when not doing that…I garden, do projects (got to have a project) and travel—whenever possible (never enough).Layers, is my first self-published romance series—but far from my last. I’ve got lots more to write about when Alexia, Jaxson, Jules and the gaywads, are written off into the sunset. Im excited about my next series—Girlfriends Goddesses and Barflies—its going to be fun!A special shout-out to my fans…I love you! I love your—“you go girlfriends,” your DIY words, and your potty mouths. Potty mouths unite! Potty-mouths rule! Potty-mouths take over the world! Damn fucking straight! Thank you for taking a chance on a new author and for all your wonderful (colorful) words of encouragement and wisdom.Make sure to check out my site often for updates and other fun stuff. Leave me a hey you, or even a review…what the hell! Id love to hear from you. ( that friggin rhymes) Contact me on my contact page tlalexanderauthor.comPotty-mouths…rule the universe—and beyond!!TL